Ghost Encounters: Deadwood [UPDATED-FINAL]

Ghost Encounters: Deadwood [UPDATED-FINAL]|268 MB

The town of Deadwood is being terrorized by the ghost of a murderous outlaw in Ghost Encounters: Deadwood! Break Blackjack’s evil curse and save the day while enjoying the incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure gameplay. After killing 21 men while he was alive, Blackjack is back to kill many more! Grave robbers have unleashed a phantom curse and condemned the entire town. One by one the townsfolk are dropping dead and now it’s up to you to save them in Ghost Encounters: Deadwood!

→Master the minigames
→Explore the deserted city
→Uncover Monica’s past!

This new version of the game includes a fix that allows players to collect the last bone in the tomb.
(APRIL 5TH, 2012)

thanx to VELOCITY