The Blackwell Deception

Blackwell Deception v1.0 RETAIL - 313.9 MB

Street psychics. Their blinking neon signs are everywhere, promising love and wealth and happiness. They make a fortune preying on the gullible and milking them dry. So when these victims begin dying and leaving confused spirits behind, it can only take a genuine psychic (and her wayward spirit guide) to clean up the mess.

From seedy downtown nightclubs to penthouse apartments to a luxury yacht on the Hudson River, Rosa and Joey will unearth the truth about the underground world of street psychics. Including some secrets that Joey would rather be left buried.

Emotional, affecting story.
Intriguing detective mystery.
Fully-voiced dialogue.
Find out about Joey's mysterious past!
Romance is in the air for Rosa and Joey! Or is it?
Six to ten hours of crafted adventure gameplay.